Will's & Connie's Journey

Will and Connie were recently rescued by 'Great Bulls of China', a fantastic non-profit foster based organisation who have helped hundreds of dogs over the years, from all over the world, escape a life on the streets or from the horrific dog meat trade.



Will is soon to be adopted by Jacky and Doofy will gain a new brother! Due to be flown back in October and with continued struggles due to COVID-19 causing issues, Will is going to receive the loving home he deserves.

Will was being sold to the highest bidder and was going to the slaughter house to become restaurant food. Luckily he was rescued just in time and Nomi, the owner of the rescue shelter, has lots of dogs in her care with a similar story. She works nonstop to raise funds as the adoption fee of £500 doesn’t cover the £1200 cost to prepare to fly these gorgeous dogs over to their new homes. They usually need to go to the vets as some have been badly abused and need medical attention. 

With the help of hundreds of people through Doofy's Facebook page the funds for Will have been raised and he is eagerly awaited in the UK, but continued help is needed to raise funds for this wonderful cause, so please visit their page on Facebook 'Will's & Connie's Journey' and join in the raffles and events that Jacky continues to hold so that more dogs like Will and Connie can have the loving future they deserve.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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