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About Us

Doofys Doggie Delights was born in 2016 in response to a market for affordable, sustainable, chemical and additive free dog treats that use only UK sourced products.


All our cakes and biscuits are made to order and use vegan recipes and so contain no animal bi-products of any kind; they have been laboratory tested and we are Trading Standards registered. We take pride in the traceability of our meat products and source them from fully registered producers.

Our D & D Fragrance range uses no harsh chemicals and is as pure as possible. We use a coconut oil base, not palm oil (which has severe ecological consequences) and the fragrance oils are mostly plant based. None of them are tested on animals during their manufacture.

The whole ethos of DDD is affordability: we want all dog owners to have access to a range of treats and dog related products which are of high quality but not priced out of reach. Those of us that have multi-pet households, or who rescue or foster, know that it gets expensive to keep our little darlings in the manner to which they would like to become accustomed! To that end we keep costs down by not using fancy packaging, combining postage where possible and above all, by being a cottage industry, we are able to trade with minimal overheads.

About Doofy

Doofy (Dufus) is a Cockapoo who had a very difficult start in life and was rescued by Jacky in 2015. She took him home to her other 3 dogs, initially as a foster, but he wiggled his way into all our hearts and of course he’s now with her forever.


He was a very sick pup at the start but thanks to the amazing kindness of hundreds of people he was able to have an essential lifesaving operation and is now fit as a fiddle, bossing his much bigger sisters about and running his own business no less. He now has a wife, our gorgeous Dolly, and between them they are in charge of the D&D Fragrance range, while Jacky is left like Cinderella in her kitchen slaving over a hot oven.


Doofys Doggie Delights is proud to support the work of Enfield Dog Rescue and Barking Mad Dog Rescue who are helping other dogs, both in the UK and abroad who, like our boy, deserve to have a better life and a loving family in a forever home.

Please visit  for more information on how you can also support their cause.

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